Tree Disease Identification Minneapolis

tree surgeons who give the right diagnosis

Your sick trees need a specialist. True Tree Solutions is your expert tree surgeon helping you with tree disease identification. As a certified arborist in Minneapolis and greater Minnesota, we can help you diagnosis diseases native to our area and create a plan of action. As soon as you notice the first signs of disease on your tree, we'll help you identify and treat your tree's disease and get you back to healthy trees once again. 


disease prevention

One of the best things you can do for your trees is disease prevention. Our certified arborist and expert team can help you determine which of your trees are at risk and develop a plan for care and maintenance to prevent disease and keep your trees green for life. 


insect diagnosis

Insects are no laughing matter when it comes to the trees in your yard. Our team of experts can help you diagnose when an insect is the root cause of your tree's health problems. We'll help you get your trees get back on the road to health once again.