About Us

True Tree Solutions LLC is a Minnesota based company serving the entire Twin Cities metro area. We always have an ISA certified arborist from the Minnesota Chapter on staff that is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees.

We help our customers out with almost anything when it comes to their trees, shrubs, bushes, and overall landscape. We can help you plant new trees properly, prune mature or young trees, recognize tree risk, avoid utility and construction conflicts, treat trees damaged by construction or storms, and identify insect and disease problems. We can also help with any landscaping or mulching projects.

Trees in Minnesota are so majestic and beautiful, and we do everything that we can to save them if at all possible. When all else fails, we can remove trees that are dead or dying in the safest manner possible. Contact our certified arborists today, and schedule a free on-site estimate.